Step 1. Profile

During our first meeting, we will listen carefully to you and learn about your lifestyle, interests, resources, obligations, dreams, concerns and goals. Once we understand your financial status and what is important to you, we will use our experience and resources to develop a customized financial plan designed to help you realize your goals and find peace of mind.

Step 2. Advise

We use the insights and information gathered during our initial meeting to determine how we may apply our investment philosophy to your unique situation. We will explain how your investments and other assets fit into your entire financial portfolio and prepare an Investment Policy Statement, which will serve as a written mutual agreement of our plan and a guide to managing your portfolio going forward.

Step 3. Invest

Next, we select a third-party custodian institution and open a new account for you. Our administrators will assist you with the paperwork required to transfer your assets to the new account. Once your assets are in the new account, we will build your portfolio as outlined in the Investment Policy Statement.

Step 4. Monitor

After we have established your portfolio, we will continuously monitor market conditions and economic trends and communicate regularly with you to stay current about changes in your personal or financial life. Based on these factors, we will make suitable adjustments to your investments and asset allocations to keep you on track toward your goals.